Betsy in the Gulf of Mexico?

12 ft+ 1,400lb #WhiteShark Betsy pinged this morning in the Gulf of Mexico! Location quality=OK. We will be keeping an eye on this and waiting for a confirmation ping.


Is Genie heading back to the Cape? Is Katherine making Georgia her home? Where’s Lydia? Looks like some sharks might be working their way back to the northeast.

Challenge – look to see if you can locate where your shark is.

Do you notice any patterns in the direction the sharks travel?

How far has your shark traveled since it was first tagged?

Which shark do you think has travelled the furthest since last June?



Rocky is a hit at the National Science Teacher’s conference in Boston

photo 4

Teachers from around the country had fun with Rocky and QR codes!  Approximately 1000 teachers circulated through the Elementary Extravaganza this past Friday during the national NSTA conference in Boston. Teacher’s were very impressed with the project and the  kid’s work! Nice job Mrs. Hoyt’s 5th graders!

photo 2 photo 1

Resources for NSTA/Boston (2014) Elementary Extravaganza: Follow That Shark – Making a Splash With Steam

It has been 1 year since Lydia was first tagged!


It has been 1 year since Lydia was first tagged! Katherine and Mary Lee have been consistently pinging in during their travels. Has your shark pinged in lately? Check the OCEARCH Global Shark Tracker and see if you can determine:

Where is your shark?

Where do you think your shark  is going?

How far to you think your shark has traveled since it was first tagged?

Be sure to look at all the information the Global Shark Tracker provides. I think you will be surprised how far some of the sharks have traveled!


WA shark cull: Thousands rally at Cottesloe Beach as catch-and-kill protests ramp up

AU 7 news reports “Protestors continue to gather on the beaches surrounding Perth. ImageAn estimated 6,000 people gathered at Perth’s Cottesloe Beach on Saturday amid nationwide protests against Western Australia’s catch-and-kill shark policy. The protests came after the second shark killed under the policy was pulled from a baited drum line off Leighton Beach on Saturday morning. The shark – believed to be a 2-metre tiger shark – was placed further offshore. The policy allows for great white, tiger, and bull sharks larger than 3 metres to be killed, while smaller sharks are to be released. A 2.3m tiger shark was also caught on Saturday morning on baited drum lines off Scarborough Beach, and was released 1.4 kilometres offshore.

The protest action kicked off at 4:30am (AWST) when a 19-year-old woman locked herself to one of the two fisheries vessels being used to set and monitor baited hooks off the Perth coast. The woman had to be cut from the vessel by emergency services, and activists from the Marine Response Unit say the protest delayed the boat’s departure by two hours.

“Rights, rights, rights for great whites,” the crowd chanted.

AU 7News,